Saturday, October 22, 2016


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Welcome to Lawrence Training... top provider of sales and management courses...

Productive...inspirational and enjoyable.

Are these words you associate with quality sales training, team leader workshops and management development programmes? These are Lawrence Training's 3 objectives for all courses they deliver.

Based in Suffolk and with 12 trainers covering the whole of the UK, Lawrence Training Ltd is a provider of top quality 'open' and 'in-company' training workshops, which will help your organisation and your employees achieve your business and learning goals.

They have been providing professional training courses to people who strive for the best since 1992 and their philosophy is to work closely with you in designing training programmes specifically to fit your business requirements and your delegates’ needs. They start by discussing with you the real challenges facing your organisation.

For extended programmes they meet with your team members in order to gain their perspective of the issues and then they design a programme that addresses these issues in a productive, inspirational and enjoyable way.

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